Meet Dermissential’s Dermatology Nurse, Tracy Snelling (RGN)


Tracy is highly popular with her patients and greatly respected by her colleagues for her calm and professional approach as well as her friendly manner. After raising her family, she found her vocation in nursing later in life, and qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 2003. This time at Southampton University is fondly remembered as Tracy trained at the same time, in the same group as her daughter.

Tracy soon found her true passion for Dermatology and joined the Portsmouth Dermatology team at St Mary’s Hospital in 2004. Whilst Tracy worked in all areas of the specialty, she trained to become a nurse skin surgeon and from 2008 was performing her own skin operating lists. Tracy also supported the medical teams in advising patients on their skin problems and treatments, including organising nurse led clinics in areas such as Roaccutane prescribing for acne and some specialist treatments for excess sweating.

Having a natural eye and flair for cosmetic treatments, Tracy was thrilled to be invited to join the Dermissential team. Tracy is independently trained in injectable cosmetic treatments, skin needling and cosmetic skin peels and supports the Dermatologists when they are treating. Tracy is an excellent first point of contact for a free assessment and advice, especially when patients are unsure what treatments would be suitable or just need more information.

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